The Genus Tomentellopsis Hjortstam

 Species in Germany present in italic

1b. Hyphal system dimitic

T. pallido-aurantiaca

1b. Hyphal system monomitic


2a. Spores spines bifurcate

T. bifurcata nom. prov.

2b. Spores spines not bifurcate


3a. Spores 4-5,5 m


3b. Spores 6-7,5 m


4a. Hymenophore brownish, spores subglobose, basal hyphae with scattered clamps

T. pusilla

4b. Hymenophore yellowish, spores globose, basal hyphae without scattered clamps

T. pulchella

5a. Spores spines up to 2 m, spores globose, sometimes irregular, hymenophore brownish

T. zygodesmoides

5b. Spores spines up to 1 m, spores globose to subglobose, hymenophore creme, yellowish to greenish


6a. Subicular hyphae with scattered clamps, spores lateral subglobose to ellipsoid, hymenophore greenish

T. bresadolana

6b. Subicular hyphae without scattered clamps, spores globose to subglobose


7a. Spores up to 7,5 m, lateral subglobose, hymenophore creme to pinkish, sometimes with red spots

T. submollis

7b. Spores up to 6,5 m, globose, hymenophore yellowish to greenish

T. echinospora